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Who is RapidClick? is a leader in developing, hosting, management and support.
RapidClick's innovative solutions serve high-growth applications within the IT, communications, computer/office automation, consumer and industrial markets.
RapidClick is headquartered in Lincolnshire, UK with design and applications constantly being upgraded or developed.

What Sets RapidClick Apart?
RapidClick develops total solutions for virtually all  game radio visual and voice applications.
We provide integrated scripts, adding more code and greater functionality.
RapidClick's line has extensive product breadth and depth, with standard "plug and play" products.

RapidClick's Mission will remain a worldwide leading supplier of integrated scripts and online solutions to the IT, office automation and communities alike.

RapidClick's Products and Solutions
RapidClick develops maintains supports broadcasting tools, statistic systems, shoutcast, icecast, and media management.
Standard Product Development resources are focused on introduction of the next generation code solutions.
The Company focuses on products that add value to overall companies or communities.

Completed in June 2009 after a 6 month planning and build project, the Data Centre is a Tier 2 Data Centre.

Tier 2 Data Centre Specification
Delivery paths: 1
Redundancy: N+1
Floor loading weight: At least 488kg m^2
Utility voltage: 230VAC three phase
Availability: 99.8%
Downtime before SLA: 17 hours per annum (never breached!)
Building Specification
Hosting floor space: 1050U of usable rack space over 76 sq metres
Floor: Raised access floor protecting power and network cables
Layout: "Airlock" from main entrance to data area
Building amenities: Car parking, loading bay, toilets, fire escapes, plant room
Power Specification
Utility supply: On-site YEDL substation direct to grid, 3-phase feed to building
Footprint: Up to 32A per rack
Backup UPS: Independent rack UPS protection for servers and core network
Backup generators: On site 100kVA diesel generator
Fuel supply: 12 hours continuous at 100% with fuel supply arrangements
Environmental Specification
Cooling: 18,000m3 Evaporative Cooler with balanced ventilation / extraction
Air handling: Hot / cold rack isles with sealed hot air extraction
Fire detection: 24x7 off-site monitored smoke / fire detectors
Security: 24x7 off-site monitored Honeywell alarm
Paxton Access control throughout building
Internal and External off-site monitored CCTV
Access: 24 hour access available (for full/half rack customers)
Monitoring: 24x7 internal and external monitoring of building + infrastructure with automatic out of hours callouts
Network Specification
Providers: BT Copper and ntl:Telewest Fibre
Core networking: Redundant Cisco switches, active / passive site edge routers with auto failover
Equipment networking: Gigabit (1000Mbit) to the server, redundant switch ports available
On site 11,000 Volt substation
The Data Centre is directly connected to a YEDL substation located on site. The substation sits on the YEDL local ring, and is capable of delivering all the power to the Data Centre for now and future capacity needs.

Decentralised UPS Protection
All critical services, (core / rack networking, security / fire alarms, access control, customer racks) are protected by APC decentralised Uninterruptible Power Supplies.
Each rack has its own UPS, eliminating any Single Point of Failure from affecting the whole data centre. This approach of UPS deployment ensures customers get access to 100% of the UPS protected power their rack is entitled too, as well as allowing limitless capacity expansion without affecting existing customers or risking disruption centrally.

All UPSs are double-conversion, meaning they constantly clean and regulate the power entering the racks, preventing damage to equipment.
Each 16A UPS is provided and maintained for by us at no extra cost to the customer.

Rack PDUs
Each rack is powered by up to two 16A feeds from 32A commando sockets under the raised floor. Each 32A socket is fed individually from our distribution board, and is protected with its own 32A MCB. The dedicated circuit breaker gives isolation to the rack in the unlikely event of an electrical fault, prevents disruption to other racks and equipment, and allows engineers to work on the fault in safety.
PDUs in each rack have standard UK three pin sockets. Other PDUs are available on request.

Diesel Generator
The Data Centre is protected against utility (mains) outages by an 100kVA onsite diesel generator.
In the most complex engineering project to-date, the generator was delivered, installed, connected, tested and commissioned without any service disruption or outage.

Utility power is constantly monitored and Automatic Transfer Switches failover power from utility to generator without human intervention. Engineers are automatically paged if the generator is started out of hours.
Water chilled Evaporative Cooling
In November 2009 we installed a building-wide Evaporative Cooler which has now replaced the conventional air conditioning system.
The water chilled Evaporative Cooler uses only a fraction of the energy the conventional air conditioners used, reducing our carbon footprint significantly, saving money, and has fewer moving parts - so less to potentially go wrong!

The new cooler delivers up to 18,000 cubic metres of chilled air per hour into the server room. Capable of chilling air by up to 12C depending on the outside temperature.

Using fresh air from outside the building the system regulates humidity between 50% - 55% and the temperature to under 23C. Manual controls allow staff to give the system a boost when required on hot summer days.

The new cooler and air pumps combined use around 75% less energy than the conventional air conditioning it replaced. Temperature sensors in the computer room as well as regular manual checks ensure the system is working effectively.

One final benefit to the Evaporative Cooling / fresh air system, is during the colder months of the year (under 10C outdoors), the water chilling can be turned off, giving us free cooling based on 100% fresh air!

This cooling gives the Data Centre significant cost savings, as well as reducing our Carbon Footprint.

Hot aisle containment
Planned from when the Data Centre was still on paper - hot aisle containment on the first block of racks was completed February 2010, just after the go-live of the new Evaporative Cooler.
The results were measurable immediately! The computer room runs cooler, the hot air pumps use less energy, the chilled air isn't contaminated with hot air causing an imbalance, and it also looks cool!

Hot exhaust air is contained within the space between the back of racks and pumped out of the room before it has a chance to mix with the chilled air.

Hot air containment was completed soon after on the remaining racks. All servers now have their hot air extracted and totally removed from the building.
Both Physical and Logical security is something we take very seriously. Providing colocation to multiple companies with differing requirements means we need a stringent but accessible policy.

Physical Security
The data centre is located in a fenced and gated (out of core hours) compound, with no 3rd party vehicle access overnight.
The building itself is unmarked and doesnt advertise from the outside what services are inside.
Full interior and exterior CCTV coverage with IP connectivity, including all server aisles and doors. All CCTV is recorded via motion activated cameras 24/7/365.
CCTV systems monitored off-site with priority police response.
Always on Honeywell alarm system connected to the building access control, monitored off-site 24/7 with priority police response.
Opaque window tinting and security laminating on all glazing.
Paxton Access Proximity Access Control covering all doors.
Airlock style entrance doors.
Deliveries can only be accepted if pre-booked.

External Monitoring
External monitoring of alarms and CCTV is provided by AMCO and The Avance Group.

Logical Security
All IP connectivity is provided raw to customer racks by default, allowing clients to choose their firewall or security solution.
We can supply Managed Firewalls which are hosted by us as VMware appliances on a dedicated VMware High Availability cluster (not shared with servers). Managed Firewalls are monitored and supported by ourselves, and provide firewall, port & IP translation, IPSEC VPN capabilities and separation from other networks within the data centre.
VESDA Fire Detection
VESDA stands for 'Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus'. VESDA is a highly advanced smoke detection system which works by continuously actively drawing air samples from the monitored area through a network of sampling pipes throughout the room into a sampling unit. A laser beam is fired through each air sample in order to analyse the particles present. The fire alert level is then increased or decreased depending on the type and concentration of particles found.

FM200 Fire Suppression Gas
Upon detection of a fire FM200 fire suppression gas is automatically discharged into the affected room. There are separate FM200 systems in place for the main data room, and the UPS plant room.
High capacity and reliable networks are one of the most important and essential parts of any data centre. The Data Centre has capacity for both fibre and copper services, and peers with Tier-1 providers.

Internet Connectivity
Our Tier-1 providers are ntl / virgin:Telewest (now Virgin Media) and BT.
Located just 1.2 miles away from the BT POP, our Fibre services are located in dedicated conduits within BTs ducts. We have Managed Internet contracts with our providers, backed by Service Level Agreements.

Capacity for multiple fibre services allow us to give almost limitless internet capacity for our customers needs. We also have a number of copper services into the data centre for monitoring, telephony and alerting.

Redundant Cisco switches and active / passive edge routers and gateways with auto failover ensure continuous connectivity.

We are full members of RIPE, and have our own AS Numbers, routable blocks, and registered DNS servers.

Core Networking
Our core network is duplicated at every step, multiple Cisco edge routers, multiple Cisco core switches and a stack of netgear colocation switches.
All core networking is locked at Gigabit speeds, with tails to racks also at Gigabit speeds if the server supports it. Core switches are connected to Cisco routers running BGP4 to our service providers.

Rack Connectivity
Each customer rack has a patch panel with Category 6 cabling terminating into our communication racks. Customer servers are connected to our switches over Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbit), with redundant switches covering odd and even patch panel ports. Single servers get 1 switch port, quarter racks get 4 switch ports, half racks get 10 switch ports, and full racks get 20 switch ports.
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We do not like to cut corners on our hardware, we run the hardware as below or at a higher specification.

1U Dell R200's +
Xeon Quad-Core (X3360) 2.83Ghz +
8GB DDR2 800mhz +
VelociRaptor 300GB 10000RPM SATA-II 16MB Cache